Best Laser Soldering in India is Lampert Arc Welder

The Lampert PUK arc welder, German technology, is the best ‘laser solderer’ in India!

At the recent IIJS 2013 show in Mumbai we were frequently asked, by visitors who noticed our demos or the video loop of PUK arc welding in action, “is it laser soldering”?

To which we have to reply, “it’s much better than laser soldering”!

PUK04 and PUK3c (making its world premiere in the Indian market):

  • Cost much less initially, below ₹3 lakh for the first time in India
  • Cost much less ongoing, only argon gas and occasional electrodes
  • PUKs are much more portable than lasers
  • PUKs are more capable than lasers (all metals including dissimilar)
  • Arc welding is superior to soldering

KNS Consulting India is the exclusive Indian partner of Lampert in Germany for distributing, training, and supporting the PUK arc welder series. Our showroom and training centre in Bangalore is available for demos and training. Our staff includes the foremost platinum expert in India, who is also a goldsmith and gemologist.

We offer to test-weld your challenging pieces at our facility at no cost if you would like to courier them to us.

Less cost, better quality, India based expert support. Call Nagesh, 99-000-44332.