Lampert PUK & PIN Support in India 2016

As India’s exclusive Lampert PUK jewellery arc welder dealer for many years, KNS Consulting India has had the pleasure of working with many of India’s best jewellery making firms, providing demos, training, samples, facilitating purchases, providing on-site installations, facilitating repairs, providing consumables… the full range of what’s expected of a premium product provider.

And we’ve gone beyond, with seminars in Bengaluru and Mumbai, evaluation and cleaning of earlier PUK equipment, site visits for analyzing customer needs, and this web site, providing information and resources tailored to the Indian market.

We’ve also launched new products specially made for markets like India at major jewellery industry trade shows in India.

In this new year 2016, we are still there for our existing customers, and those interested in the Lampert PIN module, either the standalone unit or PIN 3 or 4 for matching PUK 3 or 4 control units.

We encourage new PUK arc welder customers to contact Lampert Germany itself for enquiries.