PIN Module

The PIN module is now available as a standalone unit, without need for the PUK control unit! Contact Us!

An excellent choice when combined with the new gold- and silver-alloy threaded ear posts from KwikPost™ (pdf flyer).

Copyright 2016 Lampert Werktechnik GmBH

Copyright 2016 Lampert Werktechnik GmBH

The new PIN module for KwikPost™ pdf flyer.

An excellent addition to your PUK04, the PIN04 module enables strong, quick welding of ear posts with minimal heat on metals as thin as 0.2mm.

[Note: PIN04 connects to PUK04; contact KNS Consulting India regarding availability of the discontinued PUK04]


PIN04 with PUK04

PUK04 with PIN04 module © Lampert Werktechnik GmbH

PUK04 with PIN04 module © Lampert Werktechnik GmbH

As Lampert says on their PIN04 web page:

The PIN module expands the range of the PUK fine welding devices to include a completely new welding function. Using the PIN module, ear studs are welded onto the work piece by means of a unique electronically-controlled lifting action. The quick and clean way to weld on ear posts made of precious metals, base metals as well as titanium or stainless steel.

The welding process is extremely clean and very mild on the welded material. Ear posts can be welded to even the thinnest of materials, practically without any heat development; even welding areas where the metal is 0.2mm thick, are no problem. Another benefit of this technique is the residual stability of the ear posts, as these are not subjected to soft annealing. Just connect it to the PUK04 and operate it via the specially designed setup menu; handling couldn’t be easier or more convenient.
The page also links to downloads for product brochures and manuals.
For users of the PUK3c or other 3 series arc welders, the PIN03 is needed; download the factsheet from Lampert.