PUK4.1 and 5

Precision Arc Welder Now Even Better, at the Same Cost

[replaced by PUK5 in 2016]

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The Newest PUK, the 4.1!

The Newest PUK, the 4.1!

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New Features

  • Tack Welding Mode
  • Presets for aluminum and tin

Developed by goldsmiths for goldsmiths, you weld – we take care of the details. Weld on findings, easily add metal, weld adjacent to stones, weld silver (alloys), fill porosity, attach workpieces prior to soldering, weld seams, and much more – all no problem with the PUK®.

Operating Concept and welding performance

  • Extremely simple touchscreen operation
  • Select metal – select welding situation – weld!
  • Easily review the optimum setting ranges for the selected welding task
  • Pre-set programs for standard metals such as gold, silver and platinum, and for common welding situations
  • Fixing mode for quick tack welding
  • Help and assistance functions accessible at any

Superior Welding Characteristics

  • Consistently reproducible high-quality welding results with all materials suitable for welding
  • Precise positioning of the spot welds
  • Very low, controllable development of heat
  • Welding possible on even the thinnest of materials
  • Welding in a protective atmosphere

Simple and intuitive to operate

  • Pre-sets for many groups of metals
  • Help and assistance functions accessible at any time

Quality “Made in Germany” by Lampert

  • 3-year warranty!
  • Manufactured using top quality materials, right down to the last detail
  • Precision handpiece for precision welding
  • Tested and certified product safety: GS & CE marks
  • DIN CERTCO certified eye protection in the microscope lens
  • Ergonomically optimised for work efficiency

Further PUK® advantages

  • Maintenance-free technology
  • Low initial costs, excellent price/performance ratio
  • Compact size – fits into every workshop
  • Welding microscope for precise welding results
  • Makes repairs and soldering work faster and easier
  • Very low costs of consumer materials
  • Low argon consumption
  • Practical system add-ons such as the PIN module, welding smoke absorber, welding wires and more; all available to suit your individual requirements

Fine Welding with PUK 4.1

The PUK precision welding device is a compact and versatile TIG impulse welder with which fine and minute welds can be carried out under a welding microscope.
The operating principles and spectrum of possible applications are very close to those of laser welding. This similarity means that the exact positioning of small, stable spot-welds or welds in hard-to-get-to or deep lying positions poses no problem.
In contrast to soldering, the area of the work piece that is affected by heat is very small when working with the “PUK”. So small in fact, that problem free welds adjacent to precious stones or pearls can be handled with ease.
Even the finest of welds are possible. Utilising our welding microscope, the problem free handling of pieces of work right down to 0,2 mm now becomes a reality.
The PUK 4.1 precision welding equipment puts a whole host of possible applications in the jewellery production at your fingertips. Structures made from sheet or wire elements can be just as easily done as tack welds and repairs to jewellery parts. Restoring missing parts or filling of pores by applying welding wire are only a few further examples of the PUK’s versatility.
All metals or alloys which can be TIG or Laser welded, are suitable for use with the PUK. In addition to many precious metal alloys, many non-ferrous metals (e.g. copper and tin alloys, many steels, titanium and aluminium alloys, etc.).
Using the additional function “tack welding”, workpieces made of suitable metals can be temporarily attached to each other.

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