See PUK04 at IIJS 2014 Stall MH2Z008!

Finally in the Machinery Hall, the Lampert PUK precision jewellery arc welder, the best combination of quality and price available in India, awaits your inspection in Stall 2Z008. Bring your test pieces for sample welding on site, then take advantage of the strong Rupee and put PUK to work for you.

As a preview, take a look at the seminar videos from last September in Bangalore and Mumbai.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Weld Hollow Jewellery
with the PUK arc welder series

cover of lampert Workshop 26

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“Repairs on Hollow Jewelry”, number 26 in Lampert’s free educational series, makes it easy to learn and understand the basics using pictures, text and diagrams in a small pdf document for viewing online or download.

Using an example of yellow gold, the pdf describes how you can safely make repairs on metal as thin as 0.3mm, with starting settings provided for all PUK models. You’ll save a lot of time, frustration, and materials over the traditional ‘hit and trial’ method of learning.

If you haven’t seen the other Workshops in the series, sign up using the Workshop News link in the lower right of Lampert’s site and you’ll get linked up with the whole series and notifications of new issues.

Lampert’s PUK series of precision arc welders, PIN module, and accessories, are the most affordable top-quality arc welders available in India. Get the machines and training exclusively from KNS Consulting India. Call Nagesh, 99-000-44332 to arrange a visit to our showroom and training centre in Bangalore’s Electronics City.

See PUK at IIJS 2013 in Mumbai!

Good news, we were approved for a stall at India International Jewellery Show 2013, 8-12th August, at Bombay Exhibition Centre-Mumbai.

Visit us in the Allied Hall, Hall 5, Zone 1, Stall Nr. AL5EX036 II (floorplan pdf).

Chat with our multi-lingual National Sales Manager & Trainer, Nagesh, and see the amazing PUK04 jewellery arc welder in action. Bring sample pieces if you want to see how well it works on your materials.

The German-made Lampert PUK series of arc welders are low-cost, low-maintenance, and easy to operate. Purchase the PUK04 thru us and get installation assistance and up to six hours’ training at your location for no extra cost.

See you in Mumbai!

Big Savings for one more week only!

Only one week remains to order PUK04 at this Baselworld show special price! Act now for significant savings!

As posted last week, 28 April-10 May 2013, Lampert is offering a special price on the PUK04, coinciding with their display at the Baselworld show in Switzerland.

Also announced are the tilt-adjustable pivot arm for the microscope and a new accessory, a headrest pad for the microscope for improved comfort of the operator.

Contact Us to enjoy the savings before 10 May 2013!

New sales continue growth

Congratulations new owners!

India’s jewellery manufacturers continue the uptake of the German-made Lampert PUK precision arc welder and accessories.

We’ve had recent sales in all four corners of India, with our multilingual National Sales Manager Nagesh providing the no-additional-cost supervision of the installation and conducting training.

There’s more and more interest in adding the PIN04 module to the PUK04 for its fast and efficient earpost capabilities.

To help handle the load of inquiries, we have added lots of pages to this web site, including a quick reference page for the curious and for new owners, for better knowledge and preparation.

Thank you to all for the opportunity to provide the industry’s best ‘by-goldsmiths for-goldsmiths’ arc welders.

Save now, buy before price rise

[updated Monday 18 March]

Two weeks until price rise

Time is running out to save on your purchase of PUK04 and other Lampert precision arc welding equipment, as the company has just announced a price rise effective 1 April 2013. We’ll offer the same fine equipment and support thereafter, but if your budget is tight and your strongly leaning towards the PUK arc welders, please do yourself a favor and Buy Now.

If you’re considering Lampert’s PUK04 precision arc welding system for your operation, please make the decision a higher priority, as orders must be completed very soon to get existing prices. The purchase process usually takes a few days for transfer of paperwork and funds, and the German staff works Monday-Friday only.

Please contact Nagesh, 99 000 44332 soon to complete your decision and purchase. Thank you.

New Owners Increase

We are delighted with the sudden increase in orders by Indian jewellery manufacturers for the latest and best Lampert PUK jewellery arc welder, the PUK04.

In coming weeks we will be conducting the most professional installations and training available in India for the PUK04, continuing to do demos of the equipment and accessories on the road and in our Bangalore showroom, to bring fine German technology to the benefit of India’s best jewellery manufacturers.

See Lampert precision welding at JJS 2012!

Please visit us in Stall M1, in the Machinery section, from December 22-25 for your personal demonstration. Once you’re sold on the value of PUK in your manufacturing operation, learn how quickly you can be up and running with it, joining the trend of other manufacturers in India who are using this German technology to improve the cost, precision, and speed of their work.

Our booth is immediately on your left exiting the registration area.