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Lampert Werktechnik GmbH is the manufacturer of the well known PUK®-precision welders. These popular devices are based on Lamperts “micro plasma impulse welding” process which is protected by international patenting laws.

Using “PUK®-Welding” as a foundation, Lampert produces product ranges to cater to the needs of a wide variety of different applications and industries; amongst these are the proven “PUK3®” precision welders developed for the jewellery market, and the specially configured welders available for industrial applications and those developed for dental laboratories.

Founded in 2001, the company moved in 2006 to its new, purpose built, premises where it develops and produces the “PUK®-Welders”. On 1000m² of floor space, the areas of production, administration and warehousing form a closely connected team.

Today Lampert Werktechnik GmbH has a distribution network which spans 60 countries worldwide. This allows us to bring the unique PUK-welding-technology to customers in over 90 countries.

Source: Lampert’s Company page; © Copyright 2012 Lampert Werktechnik GmbH

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  1. Brooch/porosities
  2. Hook fashion jewellery
  3. Watchband, gold
  4. Filling a dent
  5. Bracelet, silver
  6. Tongue, silver
  7. Tongue, gold
  8. Tube-Disc
  9. Ring sizing Platinum part 1
  10. Ring sizing Platinum part 2
  11. Ring sizing with stones
  12. Porosity
  13. Earring from ring head 1
  14. Earring from ring head 2
  15. Ear post to setting
  16. Ear clip
  17. Strengthening a loop
  18. Crack in a hollow ring
  19. Beading wire to hold a pearl
  20. Lengthen claw with wire
  21. Rebuilding claw with sapphire
  22. Rebuilding claw at stones
  23. Reinforcing lock
  24. Hollow heart
  25. Hollow bracelet
  26. Finding to sheet
  27. Closing a spring lock ring
  28. Bezel setting gold
  29. PIN04 Module (accessory for PUK04)
  30. Hollow bracelet
  31. Platinum pendant
  32. Repairing silver pendant