At trade shows, by phone and email and other contacts, Indian jewellers, students, and others ask some common questions. Here are our common answers!

What is that?

Usually referring the Lampert PUK jewellery arc welder we have on display at a show or seminar. The ultimate model of this amazing German technology is the PUK4.1, small, light, with touchscreen, presets and standard suite of accompaniments, which allows users to arc weld precisely.

What does it do?

In a tiny fraction of a second, the arc (also known as spot) welder puts out protective gas, generates an electric arc of length and power specified by the user, creates the molten metal of the weld, and retracts the electrode for the next pulse. The benefits of precision arc welding are many. The PUK series of arc welding gear is designed by karigars for karigars so you know it is adjustable, comfortable, easy to operate, no need for extra tools, and is mostly operated by knowledge, not muscle.

Is it laser soldering?

That is really two questions, so a) it is a tiny, precise electric arc, not a laser light beam; b) it is welding, the fusing of the actual metal of the piece, which is far superior than soldering, which is adding a dissimilar bonding metal, which has many downsides.

Can it…?

Weld gold, yes; silver, yes; platinum, yes; dissimilar metals, yes; weld close to stones, yes; weld aluminum, yes; weld tin, yes; tack weld, yes.

What is the price?

Prices in Rupees fluctuate depending on exchange rates, and your location in regards to import duties, taxes, delivery method. The Lampert PUK is less expensive initially and ongoing compared to a laser welder.

Consumables include Argon gas, which you provide, and tungsten electrodes, of which 10 double-tipped are included and a diamond sharpening wheel. With proper use, these electrodes can last years and are inexpensive to replace. Other small components may need to be replaced after extensive use but are easy and inexpensive to replace.

Standard PUK5 kit includes microscope, control unit, contact elements, electrodes with diamond sharpening wheel, brass brush, and documentation. Tack welding kit of foot pedal and contact element are an optional accessory.

Optional accessories will add to both functionality and price.

The Lampert PUK arc welding system is designed to be maintenance-free with proper use and care, a distinct advantage over other techniques which may have very expensive replacement parts and limited life cycles. Contact Us for a price quote.

Who are you?

KNS Consulting India excels in knowledge, experience, and dedication to customer service across our product and service lines. Our international team hails from India, Germany, and USA. We share a commitment to bring the best tools and services to the best jewelry market, the people of India, where jewellery has for centuries been an important part of the culture.

Where are you from?

Bangalore! Our showroom and training centre is in the Electronics City part of Bangalore, and we encourage you to come and see the Lampert PUK jewellery arc welder, accessories, and other items that may be of interest in jewellery making. Contact us for directions if driving, or for transportation assistance if arriving by bus or train.

What do you mean you are from India?

As jewellery manufacture for the world moves to India, we have been in Bangalore for the last seven years to bring our decades of expertise to improving the quality of product for Indian and worldwide consumers. We are an Indian company, pay Indian taxes, provide work for Indian citizens, and as we grow, the benefits for Indians will also increase!